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Woolworths Edible Gems
Freshly Shelled
Green Peas (250g pack)


Fresh from the pod, our shelled green peas provide instant pleasure. With a delightfully sweet taste and smooth creamy texture, these little beauties are pure deliciousness.

Naturally nutritious and taking only minutes to cook, they are as versatile as they are tasty. They can star in a simple side dish, be pureed into a zesty dip, get added to pasta or risotto or simply eat them fresh. Their sweet taste is addictive, so you may have to hide them if you want them to make it to the table!

Edible Gems fresh shelled peas are available most months of the year, so you can indulge on a regular basis. However, we encourage you to stockpile some in your freezer so they are always on hand. Their beautiful colour and sweet taste make them usable year round.

To Cook: Fresh peas are quick and easy to cook. Bring salted water to a boil and cook peas for 2 – 3 minutes. For a softer texture, boil slightly longer. If adding peas to pasta or risotto, simply blanche and add just before serving. For optimal flavour, peas should be crisp tender and bright green in colour.

To Serve: Use as a side dish with chopped mint and butter or mash with potato or avocado. Try serving with broad or green beans, topped with a little feta. Pair peas with cured meats like bacon, prosciutto or smoked ham and stir through a pasta or risotto. Or puree them and turn into a delicious dip or soup.

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