ABC Landline Show Party Food

We are having a few friends around today to watch the ABC Landline segment. Since we've just been harvesting some of own fresh peas, I decided to make fresh peas the focus of the menu for today. I will endeavour to get these recipes up on the website in the next few days, but for now, here is what is on this afternoons menu.

For the apptetiser, I am doing Fresh Pea Fritters. And for the main dish, I am doing a Pasta Piselli Bianco.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to turn into Landline at midday!



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Edible Gems Product Update Plus New Product Coming

There's lots happening here at Edible Gems. I know its been a while since I've blogged, so here is a quick update.

While the borlotti's are currently out of season, work continues on their long-shelf life packaging as we perfect the way to get them to you in perfect condition with a 14 day shelf life.

The other news here at Edible Gems, we are launching our next product in early August. We are currently growing the first of the Edible Gems Fresh Peas, which will be hitting stores in 250g punnets from early August. The goal with the peas is they become our year-round 'staple' product, available 11 to 12 months of the year. We will then top that up with our seasonal specialty lines like the fresh shelled borlotti bean, which will only be available for a limited time.

We will have more to tell you about Edible Gems Fresh Shelled Peas over the coming weeks. For now, here is a snap shot of the packaging and a photo of our little baby peas! Aren't they gorgeous!


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Edible Gems to Feature On ABC’s Landline This Sunday

Mark your calendars Edible Gems fans! We are being featured on ABC's Landline this Sunday, 12 noon to 1pm. If you watch the segment, let us know your feedback!

See you on the telly,


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Vegetarian Borlotti Burgers to Finish The Season With

With our fresh shelled borlotti season now complete, hopefully you were able to tuck some away in the freezer. Here is one of my favourite autumn ways to use borlotti beans – in a vegetarian burger. The recipe below is fast, easy and the burgers freeze well. Make some in advance so you have them on hand. Enjoy.

Borlotti Bean Vegie Burgers                              


2 cups of cooked borlotti beans                                             

1 cup of peas

1 cup of corn kernels                                                    

2 grated carrots

1 beaten egg

2 tablespoons of plain flour

½ cup chopped fresh parsley

S & P to taste

2 cups of fresh or dried breadcrumbs

Oil for frying



Place beans in a food processor and blend till a rough chop, or mash, with a potato masher, leave a bit of texture, you do not want a paste.

In a large mixing bowl add the beans, peas, corn, carrot, egg, flour, parsley and salt and pepper. Roll into medium sized balls.

If the mixture is to dry, add another egg, if it is too wet add some of the breadcrumbs.

Place the vegie balls in breadcrumbs and coat well. Roll the balls and make sure they are liberally covered with breadcrumbs, flatten them slightly and store them on baking paper.

Shallow fry in a non stick fry pan, or bake in the oven with olive oil.

Makes 24 burgers.

Freezes well.

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Borlotti Beans and Quail

This is one of Michael's favourite dishes. We are a bit spoiled as we can buy quail dressed and ready to go from our favourite butcher, which makes this dish dead easy. Quail and borlotti beans are a naturally complimentary pairing – the lightness of the quail melds well with the tomato flavour of the beans. Enjoy, Jina

Quail with Borlotti Beans

Dead easy one pot cooking


4 quail

300gm pack Edible Gems borlotti beans

1 lge chopped onion

4 chopped cloves garlic

2 lge chopped fresh tomatoes

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 litre of water or stock

I tspoon of dried oregano

Salt & pepper to taste


Use 1 heavy based medium oven proof pot (cast iron is always best)

Add oil to pot and brown the quail on all sides, set aside the quail.

Add a bit more oil if needed, add the onion and fry till translucent, add the garlic and tomatoes, cook for two minutes. Place the quail back in the pot. Add the water or stock, the fresh borlotti beans, oregano and salt and pepper to taste. Cover with lid and place in a 180% oven for 1 hour.

Serve as is or with a fresh garden salad. Easy and delicious.

Variations: Use any meat or chicken you like.



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Gourmet Traveller Gives Edible Gems The Thumbs Up

It's official. We hit the big time. Australian Gourmet Traveller has written about Edible Gems and given them the thumbs up. Here's what they had to say in their stunning Italian foods edition…

"Packaged, peeled borlotti? We were skeptical too, but the creamy freshness of these Victorian beans ($4.99/300g) has us convinced."

Michael and I are over the moon. Everyone in our family will be getting a copy of this magazine for Christmas!! Seriously, when one of the best foodie mags in the country gives you the thumbs up, it doesn't get much better.

But there is more good news too. We harvest again later this week so there will be more fresh beans soon at a retailer near you. I will be sharing my Quail and Borlotti Bean recipe later this week. It's a perfect recipe for heading into autumn.  Jina


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Edible Gems Mentioned in Australian Country Style & MindFOOD

Thanks to Barbara Sweeny at Australian Country Style for the recent coverage in the magazine. Barbara is a big fan of beans and our Edible Gems and we surely appreciate her support.

Thanks also this month to MindFOOD for their recent coverage of Edible Gems in their magazine as well.

All this PR support truly helps us spread the word about Edible Gems.


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A Glimpse of the Future

I went down to the paddock this afternoon to check on the next patch of beautiful borlotti beans and had a wonderful surprise! The trial patch we planted for testing new Edible Gems products and varieties was ready for harvest! I have been a farmer`s daughter and a farmer`s wife all my life, but honestly the beauty and bounty that I have discovered in these various new types of colourful beans has taken my breath away.

  • The Borlotti beans, well that goes without saying. They are both beautiful and delicious.
  • The red kidney beans are just like kidneys in shape and look at that colour!
  • The Flageleot beans are a gloriously fragile looking, light green and so small, it will take forever to shell a bowl full of these.
  • And look at the little lime green chick peas! They are very hard to shell, but some of them have two or three little chick peas inside the paper thin shell.

Now I have a bowl full of colourful beans and so I am off to the kitchen to create. I will keep you posted with what I come up with. Our stone fruit season has come to a timely end, and I now have time to experiment in the kitchen again. Can't wait.


PS: This is a bit of a sneak preview. We are hoping to expand the Edible Gems range next year to grown and freshly shell: red kidney beans, flageolet beans and fresh chick peas. Any fans of these beans out there? Ever tried them fresh?

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Great Shopper Feedback Makes It All Worthwhile

Michael and I were in Tasmania yesterday looking at some new ideas for the Edible Gems range. On our way back to Lake Boga, we received the most amazing email from a customer via our website.

We were so thrilled to get such positive feedback, we just had to share it with you. I tell you, a response like this from a customer makes all the recent crop issues and frustrations fade away. It is also helping us see and believe that we are not crazy in trying to bring a fresh borlotti bean, a world first product, to the Australian market. This email has made all the hard work worthwhile. And this is only just the beginning!

We truly love your feedback – good or bad – so do let us know what you think once you've actually used and cooked with the beans.

This is the email we received last night from Jane, in Brisbane.

"I have finally found your borlotti beans at Fresh Sensations in Brisbane today. I have already made a mushroom and borlotti bean soup and am cooking more for a pasta dish at the moment.

They are really beautiful and absolutely nothing like the dried and tinned ones I have been buying. They cook beautifully and so quickly, and most importantly taste wonderful. Congratulations and I hope to buying them or any other beans you have in season regularly.

Thanks again for a great product, Jane"

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Edible Gems Fresh Borlotti’s Now Avail In Sydney

To everyone in Sydney that has emailed or contacted us on Facebook, I am really pleased to finally tell you there are a few packs available in Sydney. It is not a lot -about 400 packs or so, but we wanted to let you know as soon as we had shops confirmed so if you still wanted them, you could find them.

You have been so patient as we have worked through crop failures do to heat and a few mechanical challenges. We'd hoped for bigger volumes, but for now, we will try to send little bits out every day.

As many of you know, what we are doing here is a world first. The learning curve has been steep, but we will get there in the end. We have to – your feedback and your desire to buy our beautiful beans is proof there is a market. We just have to continue to fine tune things from our end.

Since the initial quantities were pretty limited, we encourage you to call a store and make sure they still have stock before you travel to buy them. If you do get your hands on some – please let us know your feedback either via email ( or via Facebook: EdibleGems.

Thanks again & Sydney store list below:


New Village Fruit Market

31d Ogilvy Street, Peakhurst West 2210

Ph: 02 9534 3611


Trims Fresh – Winston Hills

180 – 190 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills  2153

Ph: 02 9624 8584


Market Place – Trims Fresh – Leichhardt

Shop 32 Leichhardt Marketplace, Corner Marion & Flood Street, Leichhardt  2040

Ph: 02 9609 7179


Trims Fresh – Wetherill Park

Shop 8 Stocklands Mall, Polding Street, Wetherill Park  2251

Ph: 02 9609 7179


Tom & Franks

7-9 George Young Street, Regent's Park  2143

Ph: 02 9550 4655


J & D Providores

7 Moonah Road, Alford's Point 2234

Ph: 0418 654 238


Roselands Fruit Market

Shop L39, Ground Floor, Roselands Shopping Centre, Roselands  2196

Ph: 97590764


Ashfields Fruit Market

T 16 – 18, Ashfield Mall, Ashfield

Ph: 0418 286 238


Natures Best Sydney

73 Belmore Road, Randwick  2031

Ph: 02 9310 0524


Norton Street Grocer Bondi

Shop 1027-1028, Westfield Shoppingtown

Bondi Junction  2022

Ph: 9386 5800


Norton Street Grocer Leichhardt

Shop B1, Norton Plaza, 51 – 57 Norton Street, Leichardt  2040

Ph: 9572 7511


Parisi’s Food Hall

21 Dover Road, Rose Bay  2029

Ph:  02 9371 0870


The Village Grocer – Balgowlah

Shop 72, 215 Condamine St, Balgowlah  2093

Ph: (02) 9949 4355


Metro Grocer

Shop M3 / Marrickville Metro

Victoria Road, Marrickville  2204

Ph: 9550 3185

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