Hello To Gemmie


So sorry that I have not blogged for so long, but we have been so busy here at edible gems. The peas are back in Woolworths, but only in Victoria as the weather has played havoc with production. Too hot for our precious baby peas, they just did not grow. The weather has cooled down now we have peas in the ground here at the home farm, and peas in the ground in Bundaberg. The peas are going to love the Bundaberg weather, this time of the year, it is just perfect growing weather.

On another note we have a new member of the Edible Gems family, I thought you might like to meet her. We have fallen head over heels in love with her. Her name is Gemmie, she is an Australian cattle dog, and just the most happy, loving, affectionate dog we have ever owned. She cannot bear to let Michael out of her site.

Say hello to Gemmie (obviously named after Edible Gems)

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