Practising Packing Pea Punnets

How's that for an alliteration!

Hot off the pea packing line, these are the first photos of our new pea form and fill trays coming down the packline. We are currently frantically working to pull the packline together in time for testing the first of the pea harvest.

Given what we are doing with both the peas and the beans is a world first, in terms of freshly shelling, washing and then long-shelf life packing these beautiful legumes, there is a lot of technical details to work out. However, this photo shows we are making progress and it is all getting quite exciting.

We will keep you posted as details unfold. At this stage, we are hoping to have peas on the shelves around the first 7 to 10 days of September, just in time for spring. I tell you, there is nothing more beautiful than a spring pea risotto with fresh peas.


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