Great Shopper Feedback Makes It All Worthwhile

Michael and I were in Tasmania yesterday looking at some new ideas for the Edible Gems range. On our way back to Lake Boga, we received the most amazing email from a customer via our website.

We were so thrilled to get such positive feedback, we just had to share it with you. I tell you, a response like this from a customer makes all the recent crop issues and frustrations fade away. It is also helping us see and believe that we are not crazy in trying to bring a fresh borlotti bean, a world first product, to the Australian market. This email has made all the hard work worthwhile. And this is only just the beginning!

We truly love your feedback – good or bad – so do let us know what you think once you've actually used and cooked with the beans.

This is the email we received last night from Jane, in Brisbane.

"I have finally found your borlotti beans at Fresh Sensations in Brisbane today. I have already made a mushroom and borlotti bean soup and am cooking more for a pasta dish at the moment.

They are really beautiful and absolutely nothing like the dried and tinned ones I have been buying. They cook beautifully and so quickly, and most importantly taste wonderful. Congratulations and I hope to buying them or any other beans you have in season regularly.

Thanks again for a great product, Jane"

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