A Glimpse of the Future

I went down to the paddock this afternoon to check on the next patch of beautiful borlotti beans and had a wonderful surprise! The trial patch we planted for testing new Edible Gems products and varieties was ready for harvest! I have been a farmer`s daughter and a farmer`s wife all my life, but honestly the beauty and bounty that I have discovered in these various new types of colourful beans has taken my breath away.

  • The Borlotti beans, well that goes without saying. They are both beautiful and delicious.
  • The red kidney beans are just like kidneys in shape and look at that colour!
  • The Flageleot beans are a gloriously fragile looking, light green and so small, it will take forever to shell a bowl full of these.
  • And look at the little lime green chick peas! They are very hard to shell, but some of them have two or three little chick peas inside the paper thin shell.

Now I have a bowl full of colourful beans and so I am off to the kitchen to create. I will keep you posted with what I come up with. Our stone fruit season has come to a timely end, and I now have time to experiment in the kitchen again. Can't wait.


PS: This is a bit of a sneak preview. We are hoping to expand the Edible Gems range next year to grown and freshly shell: red kidney beans, flageolet beans and fresh chick peas. Any fans of these beans out there? Ever tried them fresh?

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