Edible Gems are beans and peas. Gloriously fresh beans and peas. They are legumes* that have been liberated from their pods and freshly shelled just for your eating pleasure. Beans and peas that are so fresh and so tasty…we call them “pure deliciousness”.

Fresh from the pod. Fresh from our farm.

For generations, European families have passed down their love affair with fresh shelled legumes.

As Italians living in Australia, Michael and Jina both grew up with the tradition of shelling garden fresh beans and peas in summer. Inspired by these childhood memories, they test planted several acres of shell beans and peas on their farm at Lake Boga, near Swan Hill, Victoria. The beans and peas thrived…and Edible Gems was born.

Michael and Jina are passionate about the joys of eating fresh, real, seasonal food. Food that comes from a simpler time, a time of shared meals with family and friends: fresh, real and delicious, just as nature intended. Just like Edible Gems.


(*Legumes are a class of vegetables that includes beans, peas and lentils.)

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